Iowa LULAC encourages new U.S. citizens, Latinos to register, vote following judge's actions

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Nov. 18, 2013

DES MOINES - The League of United Latin American Citizens of Iowa is reaching out to voters in Iowa who may have been intimated by a voter removal rule promulgated by Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz, and encouraging them to register and exercise their right to vote.

Last week, the court issued a temporary injunction against the implementation of rules written by Schultz’s office that would use unreliable federal and state databases to identify and remove registered Iowa voters, and chill the vote of many others. The American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa and LULAC have argued Schultz’s actions are in violation of Iowa law.

“We are pleased that voters will be protected while the lawsuit is ongoing,” said Joe Enriquez Henry, state director of Iowa LULAC. “The voter removal rule intimidates eligible registered voters from enacting their constitutional right to vote, and we will not stop fighting until his attempts at purging voters are permanently struck down by the court.”

Iowa LULAC is represented by the ACLU of Iowa in the lawsuit. The two organizations first filed the lawsuit in 2012 prior to the General Election, arguing Schultz had exceeded his authority in issuing two rules affecting voting rights on an emergency basis. At that time, the court issued a temporary injunction to protect voters in the General Election from the two voter rules going into effect. However, that injunction expired with the emergency rule, and this injunction governs the permanent rule made through normal rulemaking.

Founded in 1929, the League of United Latin American Citizens is the oldest Latino civil rights organization in the United States. There are more than 880 local LULAC councils, which hold voter registration drives, provide awareness to residents about language and immigration issues, sponsor programs and advocate for Latinos.

For more information, contact Joe Enriquez Henry at 515.208.7312; or Melissa Walker at 515.681.7731 or, or visit




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