Iowa LULAC responds to DM Register editorial, supports immediate Obama action on immigration reform

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Nov. 13, 2014

DES MOINES – The League of United Latin American Citizens of Iowa today announced its support for President Barack Obama to take immediate action on comprehensive immigration reform.

Here is a Letter to the Editor, submitted to the Des Moines Register today, in response to the Register’s editorial in Wednesday’s newspaper that recommended Obama wait.

Dear Editor,

We are very surprised and disappointed the Des Moines Register Editorial Board would encourage President Obama to wait to take action on immigration reform until the new Congress is in session. The incoming leadership of both the U.S. Senate and U.S. House has never shown any sign of bipartisan support for comprehensive immigration reform. So, why would they now?"

The League of United Latin American Citizens of Iowa supports the President's recent announcement that that he may – as soon as next week – use his executive power to do a broad overhaul of the nation’s immigration enforcement system. This would protect up to 5 million undocumented immigrants from the threat of deportation and provide many of them with work permits.

Congress could act now to approve the Senate bill that passed earlier this year, which was a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill. However, it is pretty clear that the new leadership is not in favor of such a move.

If not now, when? The time is now!

Joe Enriquez Henry,

State director,

League of United Latin American Citizens of Iowa

 For more information, contact Joe Enriquez Henry at 515.208.7312 or; or Melissa Walker at 515.681.7731 or

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